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Our links ... in pursuit of old and new friends and treasures and pleasures in the German collie world. And still searching. Should you have caught sight or scent of something we've missed, please do leave a trail thereto in our Guestbook ?
Now have fun surfing! And don't forget to leave a pawprint in the various websites' guestbooks, so that the webmasters know who was there.

Next of Kin:

Cloud's breeder at the Collies of Kingly Shine .

McCloud`s Collies (breeder of Cloud's Vater, "Scotty")

Homepage of Cloud's sister, Cookie Jaylo of Kingly Shine

Homepage of Cloud's brother, Blue Comanche of Kingly Shine

Homepage of Cloud's brother, Blue Chinook of Kingly Shine

Homepage of Cloud's sister, Dreamgirl in Blue of Kingly Shine

Homepage of Cloud's sister, Blue Diamondgirl of Kingly Shine

.Collie-Cara and Flowers and Cloud's 3/4 sister "Cloud II" (Blue Fairy of Kingly Shine) at Sanddeich

Stonehaven's -- home of Clouds cousin Black Glynis of Kingly Shine

Cloud's 3/4 brother Black Fighter of Kingly Shine


Kings Valley Collies (breeders of grandfatherly "Kings Valley Covenant" and "Kings Valley Select")
Collies von der Allerheide (breeder of grandmotherly "Black Allison von der Allerheide" and home of grandfatherly "Panther vom Windmühlenblick")
Tiamo Collies (breeders of grandfatherly "Tiamo's Black Gigolo" and grandmotherly "Tiamo's Ever Sunshine")

Van Bayren Collies (breeder of grandmotherly "Ginger Moon Goddess van Bayren" and of grandfatherly "Blue Dusty van Bayren")


Just a Few of My Other Favorite Collie Websites:
American Collies in the Netherlands 
Blueyard Collies
Collie Calender Online
Collies of Lionheart: Art and Dogs and Siamese
Home Page of Clouds half-sister"BJ"
Gael von der Allerheide
Lando's Collie Pages -- lots of Collie-Info!

Sultan: A Sad Dogtale with a Happy End.

Shantys Home Page: Lots of Great Photos! 

Tramp: Clouds Half-Brother.

Facts and Forums and Fun:
Collies and Collie Forum Information and Puzzle Fun! 

Collie-Info (gatherings and the like)

Collies in Search of a Home

Collie Calender Online

Collie-Net, Your Collie Portal

Collies and Shelties Rescue
Deutscher-Collie-Club e.V. (DCC)
Eros' Collie-Portal
Lando's Collie Pages
Wizard's Castle.
Stud Dogs:
Bird King Collies  
Black Joschua v. Bopparder Hamm
Blue Bear of Kingly Shine
Bobby vom Krebsbachtal
Calgary Boy
Collieduo Sam and Jim
Kings Valley Born Free
Lando's Collie Pages
Malouine`s Singin `The Blues
More Collie Home Pages:
American Collies in the Netherlands
Angelo and Bonita
Angie & Scotty
Anja and Mara
"BJ" vom Krebsbachtal
Blue Chinook of Kingly Shine
Blue Comanche of Kingly Shine
Blue Diamondgirl of Kingly Shine
Buddys Welt
Colliefreunde Paderborn
Collie Lady
Collies of Lionheart: Kunst und Hund und Siamesen
Collie Power
Diamond und Gentillo
Dream Collies
 Dreamgirl in Blue of Kingly Shine
Elos and Collies -- Silbertaler
Eros von Bläsereck
Feldmanns Collie-Trio
Familie Kobeck
Fürst and Co
Gael von der Allerheide
Indy's Seiten
Kehrgrimm Collies
Lando's Collie Pages
Lessi Collies
Romy and Reno
Sanddeichs Collies und Blumen
Shanty and Co
Sir John: Or How to Train a Human
Sigrid's World of Dogs
Sonja's Dog School 
Sultan's Home Page
Tramp von den Dreizehnmorgen
Collies vom Steppenwolf
Breeders from A to K:
American Dream
Bird King Collies
Blick über Minden
Blue Shadow
Blueyard Collies
Burg Lahneck
Brüggener Land
Collie Ranch
County Collies
De Monds
Fieldmann's Castle
Fresena Collies
Glencoe Valley
Golden Gate
Haus Rukopf
Hefeler Land
Janara Collies
Joana's Magic Collies
Kilikina Collies
Knobi Road
Breeders from K to Z:
Kingly Shine
Lauchstädter Brunnen
Magic Temptation Collies
McCloud`s Collies
McLaugh Jalumaro
Ni mi Win Collies
Old Tom
Pearl of Paradise
Reiterwappen Collies
Schloss Elkofen
Sly Collies
Stonehaven's Collies 
Sunny Lane
Tiamo Collies
Vom alten Groll
Von der guten Nachbarschaft
White Horse Hill
White Rose
Wild Storm
Wizard's Castle


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